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This gleeful sterling silver Peek-A-Buddha ring is full of life and happy energy. This ring is designed to make you smile reflexively when you look at it. It’s like a little serotonin bump on your finger. 



These rings are sold individually but stack nicely as shown in the pictures. Barring any major abuse, these rings will last a lifetime. Or two!


If you’re looking for a ring that will make you laugh and smile when you look at it, this is the one. It is truly a talisman of joy.


"A talisman is any object ascribed with religious or magical powers intended to protect, heal, or harm individuals for whom they are made. Talismans are often portable objects carried on someone in a variety of ways, but can also be installed permanently in architecture."- Wikipedia


Your talisman's magical power is that it can literally MAKE you smile! When you are feeling bad just take a peek at your Peek-A-Buddha ring!


This item was designed, crafted, cast, and finished by me, Ignacio “Nacho” Lopez. In the future as the company grows, that will not always be the case. 


Remember YOU are the HappyBuddha.Guru... of YOUR life! And that's GOOD news!! Because if you’re not… Then who is? 



Peek-A-Buddha Ring

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