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This "Love" pendant was the first item in the LOVE Collection. It features a beautiful sterling silver rendition of the word "LOVE" in the shape of a heart. For anyone who likes to keep your heart filled with LOVE, this is a great way to remind yourself of your goal.


I like to refer to my work as artistic talismans rather than jewelry. This Love talisman is created to help maintain a loving and warm heart.


This pendant is extremely small and dainty. I designed it specifically because my daughter won’t wear large pendants. So this particular item was inspired by my daughter Carissa who I love with all my heart ❤️ 


This is the pendant alone. A Chain is not included.


Remember: YOU are the HappyBuddhaGuru of your life, because if you’re not… then who is?




This pendant is an original design that is designed, crafted, cast, and finished by me, Ignacio Lopez. I do not have a large production facility or employees. These are made by hand at my home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Love Pendant 14mm

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